Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halo Reach Multiplayer Tips Continued.

1. Use Armor Abilities Very Wisely
Use Armor Abilities Wisely
In Halo 3, Bungie introduced equipment, which allowed for some interesting new strategies, but their transient nature (that is, one-time uses) really didn't lend them to becoming an integral part of combat. Now, with the rechargeable Armor Abilities, you can effectively utilize a fourth tactic in the aforementioned Golden Triangle to increase your odds of survival. So now, instead of simply thinking, "shoot, 'nade, melee," you should be thinking, "Active Camo, shoot, melee," "sprint, melee, shoot," "shoot, jetpack, 'nade," or perhaps even "hologram, 'nade, snipe." Of course, using the right grenades and weapons according to your target's position and movement is still important, but throwing in the odd Armor Ability helps to mix things up.
2. Only DumbAsses Assassinate
Only Asses Assassinate
Reach includes a new feature which allows the player to stylishly assassinate (one-hit-kill) an enemy if they are caught unawares. By holding down the melee button instead of tapping it, the camera will pan out briefly to show your Spartan or Elite performing a killing flourish. While nice to look at, the drawn-out assassination animations only serve to make you immobile, and therefore, a perfect target for a second or two. That may not seem like much, but it's plenty of time for another player to lob a grenade at your feet or put your head in their sniper scope -- all while you can do nothing to avoid it. So, if you do happen to catch someone not looking, give them a swift punch or rifle-butt to the back of the head -- the effect is just as deadly, and it also buys you an extra second's worth of maneuvering.
3. Paintjobs Matter
Paintjobs Matter
Have you ever been playing on a map composed of mostly grays, browns and greens where you are constantly aware of the guy or gal running around in bright pink, yellow, or purple armor? If you're noticing them more often, isn't it likely that everyone else is too? As intimated in tip #4, being noticed more often correlates directly with being killed more often. Thus, it's probably a good idea to stay away from the bright armor colors and go with something that will blend in with the environment a bit more. Like assassinations, bright colors are a cool way of making a statement, but completely useless if you're trying to up your game.
4. Don't be Ashamed to Run
Don't be Ashamed to Run
Just as it is important to know when to charge an opponent to finish off a kill, it's also crucial to know when you are outgunned. If you get hit with a grenade, sniper shot or explosive round, it's often better to find some cover rather than your attacker. Running around a corner or ducking behind a wall not only puts you out of their line of fire, but also gives you a moment to figure out where they were most likely attacking from. With this information, you can try to set up a trap either by crouching in a corner and waiting for them to come barreling around it, or by tossing a well-timed grenade to the spot you think they will be in a few seconds.
If you're being actively chased, a good strategy is to run through a door or around some otherwise solid object that you can lob a grenade into, letting it bounce directly back toward you. If you time it right, you'll run right past the explosion while your antagonist will receive the full force of it. Then, you can calmly turn and place a bullet or fist (your choice) into their face to finish the job. At this point, teabagging to rub it in is completely optional.
5. Regarding Trash Talk
Regarding Trash Talk
While there's nothing wrong with a quick and friendly match among friends, it's never as satisfying to say "good game" as it is to blurt "stuck ya, noob!" This strategy won't likely make you any new friends on Xbox Live, but it can be an effective psychological tool. If your opponent is too busy fuming about your ceaseless taunting, he will be less likely to employ sound strategies. Of course, this can backfire catastrophically if you tease the wrong player; like, say, someone much better than you who will then hunt you tirelessly for the rest of the match.
If you do choose to engage in some trash talking, please at least make sure it's mostly benign. Not only will shouting racial epithets or questioning another player's sexual orientation not make you any friends, it can also get you banned. Just remember to keep it clean.