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Halo Reach Multiplayer Tips.

Top 5 Tips For Halo Reach Multiplayer

September 20, 2010 | In: Halo Reach
Want to get better at Halo Reach online? Who doesn’t? Follow our handy top 5 tips and improve your scores.
5. Learn To Drive The Vehicles
No one wants to be the guy who jumps into a Banshee then crashes it straight into his teammates. Take time, in Forge if you have to, to learn the nuances of every vehicle.  Most people can rattle a Warthog around a map, but can you do the same with a Falcon? Get learning.
4. Learn Where the Weapons Are
Even more important is the placement of the power weapons. Even if you’re not a demon with a Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher, keeping them away from the opposition is vital. Ask your teammates, get searching and quickly learn where everything is. As the multiplayer community evolves, these will become more and more prominent in every fight.
3. Use Your Armour Abilities
And know which ones to use where. If you’re playing Headhunter, you need speed, so Sprint or Jetpack is vital. If you’re in a game of DMRs on a bog map, using the hologram effectively can make the difference. One thing though – if you’re not using your armour ability, change it. They’re too important to waste.
2. Listen!
There are so many clues in Halo Reach’s audio. Grenades whistle as they come close, and if you have a good sound setup, you should be able to work out where they are just from the sound they make. Likewise, Sprinting players make a lot of noise, so keep those ears open.
1. Look For The Shield Pop
Many of the above tips can be applied to previous Halos, but this one cannot. In Reach, when you take down someone’s shield, you’ll hear and see it ‘pop’. This means the enemy is open to attack. A headshot from a DMR or pistol will finish them off, as will a melee attack. It takes out so much of the confusion and frustration of a Halo duel, and there’s a chance your opponent doesn’t know this yet. Take advantage, Spartan.

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