Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halo Reach Survival Guide

Following a critically acclaimed and widely successful release on September 14th, 2010, Halo Reach went on to instantly break the record for the most concurrent users on the Xbox Live network at one time. Halo Reach currently stands to become the most popular video game of the year, and one of the reasons for its continued success is down to its flawless multiplayer system. However, given the sheer number of players on the multiplayer network at one time, especially those who have been long-term players of the previous games in the series, exactly how can a player, veteran or alike, hope to succeed in the competitive nature of the online warfare aspect of Halo Reach?
The first tip to success when it comes to a multiplayer guide for Halo: Reach is simply to keep your wits about you. A new feature introduced to the game will allow you to have a wide variety of different armour choices, all of which have their own unique aspects and benefits to your gameplay experience which can effectively improve your chances of survival on the online Halo Reach network. The “Hologram” will allow you to spawn a dummy which can in turn trick players into attacking you at your “spawn”, while it will simply be a hologram giving you the chance to either strike or flee. Another armour aspect allows you to become completely invincible while being unable to move. This can unlock the door for defensive and strategic aspects of the game as you can pose as a decoy, while your allies go in for the kill.
The strategic aspect of the Halo Reach online multiplayer mode is arguably the main key to success. Those that go at the opponent alone are much more likely to suffer as a result. Band together with your team or ally solely with your group of friends and come up with strategies to invade the enemy lines and subsequently rack up the points. Teaming together with your allies is the main key to success and if both teams utilize this to their advantage, you can essentially be on the verge of the most intense and adrenaline fuelled multiplayer gameplay ever.
Weapons however play a role of utter importance in the Halo Reach game just as they have in previous titles. You have the ability to change weapons before the battle to your preferred favourites and you can find weapons along the way, all with their own unique benefits that when combined with the cooperation of your allies, can prove to make your team or group a viable enemy for the opponent.
Needless to say, the multiplayer aspect of Halo Reach truly is the most flawless in the entire Halo series to date. Featuring new and updated aspects such as increase customization, the ability to earn “credits” and spend them on new armour and equipment along with countless new game modes and subsequent opportunities for strategic, cooperative and competitive gameplay alike, it is no surprise that on its first day of release, Halo Reach powered into the charts and immediately broke the record for the most concurrent users online at one time. The main keys to success in the multiplayer universe of Halo Reach are simple; keep your wits about you, utilize strategic gameplay and communicate and cooperate with your team, and you will soon embark on the path of success as a result.

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